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Kyocera leads the document imaging industry by embracing cutting-edge technologies. Our commitment lies in driving innovation with next-gen network, wireless, and software solutions seamlessly integrated into our line of digital products.

We aspire to be your strategic partner for superior digital imaging devices, catering to your business and solution requirements. Our focus on delivering heightened product integration and performance, coupled with a cost-effective ownership experience and IT-friendly applications like wireless capabilities, distinguishes us and is crucial to our success.

Discover Kyocera, explore our product solutions, and gain insights into our industry perspectives. We aim to position Kyocera as an invaluable resource for your needs.

KYOCERA Document Solutions America, Inc. stands as a leading provider of document imaging and management systems. Our extensive product line includes network-ready MFPs, laser printers, color MFPs/printers, and wide format imaging solutions. Our mission is to streamline customer document management processes and simplify work tasks through a high-performance, end-to-end digital imaging portfolio. Moreover, Kyocera leads the way in developing business applications, setting the benchmark for customized document workflow solutions.

As a group company of Kyocera Corporation, a global leader in advanced ceramics, telecommunications equipment, semiconductor packages, and electronic components, we operate with a commitment to excellence. Kyocera Corporation achieved consolidated net revenues of $14.1 billion for the year ended March 31, 2014, and employs over 71,600 people worldwide (As of March 31, 2014).


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Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. unveiled an updated global corporate brand identity in alignment with its visionary outlook for the future. This strategic move underscores Kyocera Document Solutions' pivotal role in guiding customers through the opportunities presented by the global digital economy. The refreshed brand identity signifies the organization's heightened commitment to assisting customers in efficiently managing vast volumes of document information, extracting valuable insights, and enhancing agility to optimize business operations.

The central concept behind Kyocera Document Solutions' new brand identity is harnessing knowledge to instigate change. This encapsulates the company's emphasis on leveraging its global resources, encompassing expert talent and technological excellence, to seamlessly integrate hardware, software, and service solutions. The goal is to empower customers to maximize their business potential, acknowledging Kyocera's unique position to help companies make sense of vast information for a competitive edge.

True to its founding principles, Kyocera places human connections at the core of its management philosophy. The updated brand incorporates a range of communication tools, including visually engaging handwritten-style gestures, distinctive graphic icons, and a vibrant new color palette. These elements collectively symbolize the synergy of human and technological resources that contribute to the design of comprehensive document solutions.

Collectively, these components articulate Kyocera Document Solutions' commitment to innovation and global collaboration. The company actively engages with partners and customers worldwide, with the shared goal of fostering growth and prosperity for individuals and businesses in the evolving future.